10 auto drive content ideas can use in building a website

Having a delicate blog or website has turned out to be a very cool trend these days. It is the must to have a well-known brand on Internet either you are a business man or regular job holder. It shows your web presence and growth to the world. In other words, website or blog is a medium to tell about you without saying words orally to everyone.

What is this article all about?

This blog post is for those internet lovers or developers who are not able to update their website content on regular basis. Sometimes they don’t have an idea about the content, where sometimes they do not have enough time. In both cases, the website needs the regular update. Therefore, I am here presenting you some real auto content website ideas in which you just need to develop the website and make it for public use. All rest is done by the visitors itself. Only you need small level look after process whenever you get time.

If you are doing a permanent job and not getting much time to maintain the personal website, you would like my ideas for creating a website with no investment for the regular content and updates.


  1. Web SEO Link directory

SEO link directory can be a very attractive and easy way to have a regularly updated content website. It is used to show websites links with the specific category. This can be called a search engine like Google search engine. A link directory is basically used for listing the SEO link of Internet websites for having the backlink. In SEO, the backlink is the most important pillar for any successful website. It also helps in increasing domain authority as well as PageRank for the website.

How content get the update in Link directory?

As you only need to create a link directory website which will have a frontend form to submit the website related data’s like website title, URL, description, keywords and image etc. Users will visit your website and add their information to this form. After getting successfully done, their link will publish in website pages on category based. This will auto-generate content for your website in the form of websites data. Your website will get updated every time a new link will be published.

Learn how you can create a link directory website in WordPress free!

  1. Article directory (Wiki)

Same as the link directory, the article can also a boundless medium to get auto content for your website. You can have full authority on articles submitted to your website which one you want to accept or reject. For SEO purpose and due to latest Google search related guidelines, a website needs a high-density backlink for higher page authority. Backlinks generate the necessity of articles submission process on other websites to tell search engines about the website real value.

How free articles can be useful in the website?

As free articles directory holds the full authority to display only high-quality content, it would not be harmful to your website at all. Having the site title, keywords and meta description as free article directory will give your website an identity as a free resource to the Internet. You would not get any negative impression for that. Also adding free article by visitors on regular basis, accepting and publishing them on website fulfil you regular content urge easily.

  1. Q & A board

You can also think about developing a question board for the visitors. This would definitely a popular area for internet surfer. Anyone can ask any question and invite their friends and relatives to join the question panel for giving their answers. You can try a forum, a public poll, a survey theme in the idea. All these facilities will make your website very much popular and content can be auto generated through visitors itself.

  1. Social bookmarking website

Trends change over the time. This is the time for social bookmarking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These are the brands who comes in the picture very rapidly. No one knows the Facebook before 10 years so much but today Facebook is the biggest place for sharing daily interest to the world. If you think it as a social website only, then you may be wrong. This is the second form of social bookmarking other than twitter, LinkedIn and others.

When I see these websites I often think to have this kind of website of my own. And now this can be possible easily. This is the perfect idea if you want your own popular website without the content of your own.

  1. Public directory (contacts directory, business directory)

A public place like a directory which can contain every information about daily use things would be a great place for having a good traffic. As in old days, we often run to grab a phone directory for plumber, food store, telephone services, car repair and many more tasks. But today as everything has been changed and services come online, a contact directory or business directory can be the good option. Business holders will use your website to list their service details automatically once you get the presence. Go for it today.

  1. Product review

Reviews can be the coolest idea to update the website presence automatically. But for that, you have to invite people to share their reviews on specific product or brand and share them with their social circle. In this way, you don’t need to care about website regularity and authority at all.

Also, you can add five-star rating features to your reviews which will help the brand consumers in their experiences and also polling system.

  1. Classifieds ads

Ads always play an important role to make the direct impact on visitor mind. It helps target traffic to reach the specific product or website. Thus, you can develop a website for specifying the classified features for frontend users. Some examples of this type of websites are Quicker, eBay etc.

  1. Membership website

Fiverr is the modern and direct example of such type of websites. As on Fiverr, you can sell and buy any specific quick task on 5 Dollar. To develop a membership website in which users can create a free account or paid as per need and sell their services to the consumers. You can earn quick money as commission on per sale and can have quickly updated content as well as traffic itself.

  1. Job board

Jobs are something that will last long in the world. As everything is just based on work and work belongs to jobs either a daily job, a freelancing job, a part time job or anything else. Creating a website where employers can share their company latest jobs and consumers (job holder or hunter) can apply for the same. You can make it a little earning making to make this paid for employers as Naukri.com do for the premium employer. All actions and traffic get updated automatically.

  1. Portfolio

The portfolio is something which tells everything about you either you are a creator, reader, writer, actor, blogger, businessman or a brand itself. Build a website which holds all portfolios of every category at a single unique place seems fascinating itself. I am very much impressed by this idea as it is the great place to have every type of creativity in one place.

For making this useful you just need to give offers to all creative people to join you and share their profiles for having a great experience. You can also make this as community-based too. Where everyone can contact their required resource.



Why do we need a website?

I often heard that “social account displays your personality towards the society”. But if you are programmer or developer like me you may not be agreed to this. As a programmer can’t give many parts of day life to the social activities. As that,’s doesn’t suit us. Then the question how we can show our value to the world. The simplest answer is by showing your creativity and web presence through a personal blog or a website.

On the second-hand website is as much important for the businessman, service provider, freelancers, brands etc. as their product, service or sale. This is the 80% revenue generate medium that could beat any other medium for the sale or service.




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