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After my season break, I am back to work now. I was penetrating for a perfect new blog idea. Unexpectedly I got stuck in content writing for my blog.

I wanted to get ideas about latest keywords in trend, stunning quote and images etc. For that, I had to search a lot and finally got some amazing content writing tools. And now I can take all benefits from them in writing my blog article to make it more eye-catching.
I wanted to share them with my readers too. So here I am going to list all those grabs here guys, have a speedy look at them below:

1. Finding keywords –

As keywords are the vitality who drive our content into the search engines, it is fetching very compulsory to have the precise idea for our keywords. This is the very beginning of our writing an effective article or e-book or novel. So let’s discuss the best tool I found for keyword research online.

a.) Google Adwords keyword tool:

As nothing can be finest than Google and its grand services. Adwords is the free and most reliable tool provided by the Google to webmasters for searching out exact keywords for the niche. For searching the keywords in Google Adwords, you need to sign up for a free Google Adwords account from your current Gmail Email Id. Follow the link below:


b.) Get keyword tool –

This is a very interesting keyword finder tool I have seen ever. This is the best place to find the keyword or any other topic on the single place which interacts to all popular search engines on one single place eg. Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Bing, YouTube, Answers.com and Wikipedia. You can use the tool for content writing for no doubt at all. I got this a very effective SEO or Web content writing tool for keywords. It also gives you the demo if you do not get the working for the first time.



2. Finding best title or topic generator –

Title maker –http://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker

3. Get Meaning of words in your own language – use Google Translator

4. Finding Glossary and synonym

a. Definition – 

When you get trapped in writing a sentence or some word for making it more eye catching and different from the other group, you can surely use the Unstuck-it. As I am very new to this bunch and I am not awake much of great tricks but still I found it a useful tool to find similar heading or sentences for our mind thoughts. It can be an achievable tool for you.


b. Dictionary.com – check meaning of words

As the name itself tells the sense of website. It is old but the best tool for writing anything either it is a blog article or novel scripting. If writing a blog article of around 1000-1500 words or more becoming a big monster for you then get help for you, buddy. Go on Dictionary.com, world’s largest digital glossary and get all three tools translating, finding synonyms using dictionary.com, reference.com, Thesaurus.com respectively. You can take an idea and the brief description of any online term. For eg. SEO or link building


c. Encylopedia.com-

A detailed explanation about the keyword with additional images and video help. It is a bunch of all content related articles and topics descriptions. Visit website to know more about this great tool.


5. Finding best media- free images

a.) Canva-

This is the superlative tool I have used ever. I personally endorse this website if you want to create your custom free banners, logo and other essential image patterns. You can create custom dimensions’ banners with your width and height. Also, you can choose from pre-defined dimension social banners, demonstrations and many more. Check the list below:
2.Facebook Post
3.Facebook cover
4.Twitter Post
5.Pinterest graphics
6.Facebook App
7.Tumblr post
8.Instagram post
9.Documents, E-book covers, Blog post image banner
10.Business card
11.Events and ads

You get lots of free images, clip arts, icon images, background patterns and other marketing expedient custom images. It also provides you an option to search the best-suited image which you can get a $ 1 cost, which is all the way to affordable cost to everyone. It also gives you the facility to upload the image and use that in you edit process.


b.) Unsplash

Another top tool for online image banner customization. The best part of it is you will get free images around 10 and you can use them for creating the custom banner for your blog post, edit the specific image and use it as you want on your website. All images you get are definitely high firmness images and can be customized to a maximum extent. Also, you can submit your own photo or image to it for free use.

It is no doubt a useful place to get free images at no risk.


c.) Piktochart

Same as Canvas, Piktochart is a place to generate and customize your banner image as well as blog post images at hassles free cost. This is the easy cutter to use created for free use for us. Setting background colour, edit text, added colour to headings and text, adding icons and custom images is easy in use. Go for it.


d.) Easel.ly

A simple to create infographics and also can share the same platform. It has a free version you can use if you do not have much money to invest in such tool. A good tool to show more creativity in infographics. It has a large community settled in last few years.


e.) Infogr.am –

Through infor.am, you can create bulk infographics and charts for presentations. You do not need any desktop software for it anymore. It has very basic steps to design your infographics: 1. Choose ready-made template 2. Add your content like heading, text images, maps, videos etc. 3. Publish and share your infographic to the community.

f.) ThingLink-

ThingLink is the best place for empowers originators, professor, products, and bloggers to create more winning infographic content for their use.

g.) Resize.it

Sometimes while we got a perfect image for our niche, sometimes we just need simple alteration in that. Going for an advance tool for the simple task or opening the Photoshop software is apparently trouble full.
Therefore Resize.it is a simple tool to edit the images on particular scales – 1. Resize your original image either portrait or landscape
2. Cropping a photo
3. Adding advanced effects to the image like the blur, sharpen, convert the image to another format etc.

6. Check grammar, readability

Grammar is the main spinal of the blog article. Without a correct grammar, the reader cannot get engage with your content. Also, you would not be able to deliver to as it meaning as you want. As grammar’s just simple and small mistakes can covert sense of your niche completely.
So as a perfect blogger or writer you should be very much sure about the grammars of your senses and articles. I go some simple tools for this purpose.

1.)Grammarly tool-

This the superior tool can be used for our content writing. It improves our writing skills and convert us in a seamless writer. I myself personally using this tool and myself feel very proud to announce that I feel it a powerful tool I used so far. It has flawless features and cannot imagine the precise and accuracy of error finding.
It provides a very easy to handle platform for finding the errors and correcting them in just simple clicks. If you are using the WordPress, this is the best tool you can use. I will write about this in brief in my review for Grammarly very soon. Until just check this awesome tool on below:


It also gives you Chrome-based APP you can install and it will flawless on the browser itself.

2.) Check readability –

Readability is something you cannot ignore for making your niche popular in the online community. If you are not having an easily readable content you cannot decrease bounce rate on your website. It became negative to your blog reputation which all the waste of time and efforts you are giving to your niche. So after creating the website content, niche posts or e-book finishing, you must check the readability of the content. Go for the tool below to check it.


7. Get online trends idea

1.) Google trends –

Google known as the primary search engine and a billion of daily searches have been placed on Google Search engine on the regular basis. As the news and people, popularity gets ups and downs in seconds. Therefore, Google updates its database to every second as per the current trend. This s something can be interesting for you if you are running a news or magazine niche.
Therefore, you should be aware of online trends before selecting the main keywords for your news post or magazine blog. Google itself gives you the best place to find that in seconds. In this awesome corner, you can get the local trends in country based too.


2.) Fact-browser-

Other than Google trends, a research and exploring search engine where you can get the ideas of topics which get maximum hit on the daily basis. Also, if you love reading and getting knowledge on regular social activities you can follow this awesome discovery network.


8.Get exact quote for content

1.) Brainyquote.com

Looking for great quotes which are relevant to your article? Do visit brainy quote as they have a great collection of words and quotes of many great personalities. You do not have to wait and scratch your head for quotes.

It is again a free website and can be easily accessed.
Quotes- something which converts any niche, any article, any book content to very eye-catching, fascinating and adoring. For example, if you are making a creative art portrait and want to decorate it with peaceful thoughts then quotes makes it easy for you.
As everyone could not be “shayar” or philosopher, you many times crawled to get the best quote for your content. As per my advice check Brainy quote once you will definitely get satisfy with your research. This is absolutely free quote providing website and you can more creative for it.

” The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation “

Check it now: http://www.brainyquote.com/

9. Slideshow creator –

1.) Haiku Deck –

The slideshow has become a modern trend these days. As not just writing a good blog post is enough these days but promoting the content is simply as important too. So making the attractive slider for your popular blog articles and share them on social websites is very widespread.
For creating a beautiful slider for your website presentation, you can thin for Haiku Deck tool. It just converts your stories in simply telling adventures and fun loving.


10. Create free video –

1. ) PowToon :

This is the simple tool for creating an animated video online in just a few seconds. As video play an essentials part in blog writing and its ranking on the major search engines. PowToon is very helpful to set up a start-up business marketing presentation in video format. If you are finding the best tool to generate your own copywriter video content to rank higher in search engines you can with this tool.


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