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earn money online

If you are working on the network from a long-time and still not much satisfied with your efforts so far then this is time to open up your skills a little more in blog writing and getting instantly paid through it.
When we think about earning

” Easy online money at home “

though high traffic websites, some informal enquiries come up in mind habitually. For eg. How much safe it is? How will this work? How much I get paid? etc. earning online money though high traffic websites, some informal enquiries come up in mind habitually. For eg. How much safe it is? How will this work? How much I get paid? etc.
In this article, I am going to share some of the overwhelming web portals which pay you more for your exertions you ever think.

1. Hub-pages –

A biggest free community of hubs which deliver the best in-depth media rich content articles. On this community, you can do both your favourite work read and write. But instead of these 2 incredible work you can also get paid from your hub lettering on the regular basis for your fun activities.

People come up on Hub-pages to read daily trending articles and share them in the circle. This can be called the second name of getting answers. A big range of daily articles gets paid through online advertising and amazon affiliates on Hub-pages.
But as a substitute of taking full credit to itself Hub-page give reasons to the writer to earn the part of the profit for themselves too. You can be one of them. A large number of brilliant hub author receiving money from writing skills and living their life more easily.

How will you get paid through Hub-page?

1. You will sign-up for the free Hub-pages account and join the Hub page community.
2. 2. You will write your own Article or blog post on any selected topic and submit it Hub-pages.
3. After publishing your article, hub-page admin team will review it and confirm it published.
4. Once you get the confirmation you can sign up for the money making process through article inside your hub-pages control panel.
5. Also, you can activate your Amazon Affiliate account in the control panel.
6. You will earn commission from Google Ads account (Adsense) and Amazon Affiliate through Hub-pages
Go for hub-pages now: http://hubpages.com

2. List verse –

A humble way to write content and publish it to the outer community of readers which pay you instant money on submission of your blog article. Readers visit the website from all over the world and get the best interesting things to learn on list verse. Listverse serves 30-million-page visit per month.

How will you get paid by List-verse?

1. List-verse pay around $100 per article or list sends to it by the authors. As the list should be unique and well written by the writer himself.
2. The list should be more than 1500 words and 150words per entry at least.
3. Also, the article list should be fact and verified by the online source like Wikipedia
4. List-verse pay you through your PayPal account.

Check it out: http://listverse.com

3. Constant-content

Custom Website Content

If you are a gratified writer and not getting as much money for your labours and writing skills, you can join the constant-content community. This is the best place to joining for making money online with your writing talents. This is freelancing type community for writers and authors.
also, If you need content for your website and personal blog, you can prefer constant-content website. As they provide high-quality freelancing content writer for you to hire and get your requirement fulfil done.

Check it out:https://www.constant-content.com

4. Shutterstock

Stock Photo Affiliate Program
As people discover their many talents through conventional thoughts, photography is one of them. The wide range of concepts in the world like nature, animals, people etc force a photographer to capture the best and best one picture. Shutterstock empowering the snappers to communicate anonymously on the Internet with their shots.
On the same platform, Shutterstock offers the best medium to the shutterbugs to earn money through their own passion. How cool is this? We can earn money by sharing our own passion to the community. This is somehow a shocking but yes this is the reality.

How can we earn money through ShutterShock?

1. It is very easy to tie with the most searchable media platform here. You can signup theShuttershock free account today.
2. It will ask you for the photo ID proof which you need to get paid through ShutterShock.
3. After a successful joining letter, you will be qualified to upload your creative pictures on Shutterstock.
4. You have to be ready with at least 10 pictures at one time to get approved by Shutterstock.
5. Also, the images should be high quality and good resolution which obviously not edited already. Otherwise, it will get failed the on time of approval.
6. After getting approve your images you will get instant money from them credit in your account and you can transfer it to your bank account.
Check this now: http://affiliate.shutterstock.com/

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is widely popular and superlative marketplace these days. Whatsoever you want, you can get the GIG on Fiverr. Suppose you need content for your website or niche you can get paramount bids on Fiverr if you want to hire someone for product’s SEO you can look up the Fiverr directly, or If you want an originator GIG you can have it on Fiverr. I personally used Fiverr and I found it more realistic and sincere networking connecting platform.
On the same Idea if you are a website developer, web designer, content writer or an SEO specialist you can move towards the Fiverr now. This is the immediate going way to get work and earn bids amount immediately. Though the initial early bid or GIG amount is $5 on it but you can expand your order by giving additional service to your consumer. It is the second form of the freelancing websites like Elance or freelancer etc but in the less complicated way. And the process fees (commission of Fiverr) is very small 5% only.
Visit: https://www.fiverr.com/

6. Textbroker.com

“ With Textbroker, your writing skill get paid “ same as another content buying and selling network Textbroker is also the alternative good choice for you. As content play a very significant role in ranking and broadcasting of any website, niche or marketing product, it turns out to be very essential to have well-matched data for our products.
Textbroker gives you the opportunity of making money online by simple writing for market products and websites.

How will you get easy money on Text broker?

1. Signup for free author account in Textbroker and get ready for having money for your writing experience.
2. You can make around $50 for writing a great quality article of around 1000 words which truly a lot.
3. The payment varies on a number of words counted in an article to the quality of content. So you can start earning through any type of content writing if you are very much concerned about your content quality.
Check: https://www.textbroker.com

7. Flippa

Flippa is a great place to share your developed work to the community. If you are website developer, a mobile APP developer or having your own popular web store you want to sell for making money you can try Flippa. Also, you can buy readymade website here. It gives the brief description about the listed websites like traffic, website age, type, bounce rate, finance etc. For buying, you can place your bid.

Check: https://flippa.com/

8. Sedo

Sedo-domain marketplace
If you have any domain name and having an upright domain authority then you can earn money by selling it on Sedo a perfect marketplace for selling and buying domain names.
It brings you a million of domain name suggestion and a single unique place to buy them instantly. It
For making money, you just need some simple steps: post your domain name for sale, set your offer details like the auction, fixed price or negotiable deal. Park your domain and get offers for your domain.
Earlier I was owning the 2-3 website which runs around 4 years and after getting involve in the daily job they got deleted by hosting provider. But you should not repeat my mistake. If you are unable to run your website domain, you can sell it on Sedo and get an instant market value of it.

Visit me: https://sedo.com

9. Website-broker

WebsiteBroker-Websites For Sale
Same as Sedo and Flippa, the websiteBroker is also a domain and website selling and buying bazaar. You can get money by simply adding your website ads on the website and you get paid when someone will make an order for it.

Go now: http://www.websitebroker.com/

10. Scripted Content marketing

Content Writing Services On Demand-Scripted
It is the prime content sharing portal. Writers can sell their articles online and get money online easily with their exceptional writing and creative concepts. The best part is you can write by choosing your best area as the category with your own schedule. Around 7000+ active writers are participating on Scripted.

Grab here: https://scripted.com/

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