15 way to drive high traffic on your blog

15 ways to drive traffic


When we think of creating a high traffic website or personal blog we almost get stuck in website SEO. As driving regular traffic on the website, SEO is the first step to getting involve with. Without going for a successful SEO, we can not think about high  traffic on the website.

We used to grab each and every information about website SEO and find out the exact method to get rid of SEO related issues.
I am not saying that SEO is not necessary. Though it is the first and very important for driving traffic to website or niche, but still there are other things we need to notice for making a perfect high traffic blog.
Some of the most important factors should be taken care for having a high traffic niche are below:

1. Keyword density check

– For driving a high traffic blog, the very first step is to check proper keyword for your niche. There are many tools and websites where you can get an idea about the perfect keyword for your website. Google AdWords keyword checker tool and Semrush are the most effective and popular keyword finder.

You can easily get multiple different keywords by just adding a single word to Keyword checking tool. Also just finding out the keyword is not so enough as we should use only that keywords which have higher searching popularity. If you still confused about keyword density checker. Let me give you an example of it. Suppose we finalize the keyword “Affiliate”.

Now we have to find how many users just search out for affiliate or any other related keyword. After going to search engine, we find that “Affiliate marketing” has more searching numbers than “affiliate”. This is called density of a keyword.

So instead of using affiliate we should use affiliate marketing for our article niche.

2. Using long tail keywords

– The time when we used to find the only single word or 2 or 3 words as keywords have passed away. As many popular search engines have comes out with new and updated SEO policies. The long tail keywords have become very necessary nowadays.

Long trails keywords are the one which has many words interconnected in order of density. For ex. when we use affiliate or affiliate marketing as the keyword, it calls like a simple keyword. For making it long trail we can use the words like: “affiliate marketing networks high paying commission” – this is just an example only.

3. Allow guest comments

– Apart from SEO, some basic but very effective points are there to realize about your blog popularity.As I am not an expert for driving high traffic this time but I can say a learner. So giving an opportunity to my guest readers to show their viewpoint is the biggest need for my blog this time.

As comments guide you in the best way to improve your niche flexibility and popularity. Just in a simple way if you get tremendous comments in the short time period for your post after publishing it, it shows your efforts getting going in right way.

4. Give response to user comments

– As I mentioned above comments having very important role in your niche traffic. More good comments more you will get the traffic. Now this is very obvious you get some comments where your visitors ask you about their own doubt or queries regarding your article content or any related questions.

Now, what if you will not answer to them. Your reader feels ignored and most probably avoid commenting again. Also, when other visitors will see the response time and limits, they can
also, avoid the same.

Now my best advise you to just go through each comment and read them. It will help you to understand your readers interest.
Also, give the best reply if you can most of them.This will definitely help you to improve your website traffic in the very healthy way.

5. Regular update post content

– Content and only content itself are the biggest things to drive traffic on your niche. As nothing can replace a quality content with good keyword selection for your paragraphs. If we do every possible thing for our blog and do not provide a high-quality article to our readers, we can not hold them and bind them on the website for more than 5 sec.

“Quality Content is the soul of your niche blog”

As per me for writing a good content is just write what you have in your mind first. Write honestly and effectively. If something you think you wrote to express yourself, nothing could be better than this. don’t think about much of SEO techniques for expressing yourself.

For that, we can update it twice, who can stop us. So just be yourself and write as mush as you want. After all, this is your own place.

6. Increase visitor’s contribution

– A good way to bind your readers is to give them the privilege to write for you. Or any other way you can provide them to show their contribution on your niche blog. You can add some affiliate medium for that as some websites do these days.

7. Add free download product

– This is very effective and high generated traffic technique. For example, you can create an e-book or some kind of tutorial PDF in which you can guide the bloggers about blogging tips and techniques. Also, you can have any product which you can distribute to the world free. It will definitely increase new visitors entries on your blog.

8. Promote website on Social network

– Social networking is something which covers up the biggest part of world community. Every internet user definitely has social network presence these days. As going to the end user directly, social media is the direct way. With a popular account or group activity, you can connect with any country readers. So make your presence on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Whats-up etc now.

9. Use proper keywords in post content

– Choosing the keywords for your niche or blog is not just enough. As one way to tell the search engine about your focus keyword is using the meta keyword tag. But this becomes past history. In today time, this is not enough. You must write the article content with full of keywords rich. But do not use the keywords in bulk as this can cause black hat SEO.

10. Avoid duplicate of content

– Try to use fresh sentences and lines for your blog articles. Do not use duplicate tag lines and paragraphs on many blog articles or on the same page. You can use external links for interconnecting each other blog articles. They definitely help to bind the interest of visitors.

11. Use images and heading in post for eye-catching effect

– This is well said – images tells 100 times more than the text of an article. So we can use images either graphical images or text images which show the article tag line eye catching effects. Also, try to shorten your paragraphs meaning in heading as they help the readers to choose whether he wants to read the full story of heading or not.

12. Build SEO ranking for blog

– SEO becomes the food of any niche. As without food, we can not survive for a long time. On the same concept, a blog should have perfect SEO for it to survive for a long time in future. Link building, backlinks etc are the best way to do the SEO of website or blog.

13. Use signatures with URL

– For driving free traffic to the website or blog, including URLs in a signature while writing comments r forum query to their websites. In the whole day, we send a lot of emails to our friends and users. We can add our blog URL in the signature of email footer either a personal email or newsletter emails. This will definitely help to run traffic on the blog.

14. Add forum and support panel for users

– This kind of technique also improves your website traffic rank. Add a forum or user FAQ support panel for your visitors. You can add this on a subdomain of your niche.

15. Share blog popularity reports offline

– As a serious blogger, we try to do every possible way to promote our website or blog. As we all have the social network with includes our friend circle, relatives, clients, and colleagues. We can share our blog details offline with all of them and try to add some promotional offers for offline users to attract more and more.

Getting traffic is very deep process on the internet. As there are many more ways to spread your website popularity all over the internet and adding all the methods is not easy. But if you will put all the above technique in action then high traffic is guaranteed for your niche. Go for it.


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