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Blogging- a passion, a thought, an art or just a habit. Anything which define a blogger and his behavior, his point of view and nature. We always start a blog with a thought or a purpose to serve readers. But sometimes when we got stuck in deep of blogging world we just realize that we can explore more and more with our writing skills.

Now “finding the best blog concept” or “finding the realistic idea for niche ” raise up. This stage definitely would come to a new blogger and old blogger. So we start collecting ideas on the internet but sometimes couldn’t find the exact theme, concept, idea for our blog. As personally, I had searched when I was new to the blogging. But honestly, I couldn’t find any realistic idea blog specifically.

So here I decided to bring the best and most realistic ideas for starting your blog niche. Please go through some of my own implemented ideas and some others I will start the blog on in future.

1. Create a personal technology related blog

– This is the first choice of all bloggers who used to surf on the internet. As technology is something which changes every day, every minute. We can find many new things, many update of old gadget or future coming products. So we can start a blog where we can share our views, inventions about the latest technology.

2. Free discount coupons and deals blog

– In current time shopping world has become the wildest competition on the internet. Every big shopping brand has their e- commerce network and portal. Same way promoting the products and services is as important as producing the products in the market. A biggest sale amount depends on the promotion of any brand and its product. So promotional discount coupons have become the most effective way to drive consumers on shopping websites.

This is the best idea if we can start a free or paid coupon blog where we can tie up with the local affiliate network and get regular content for showing on a niche.

This is very easy and 2-way money oriented idea for blogger. As we earn referring sale amount from affiliates as well as drive traffic to the website.

I implemented this same idea on my niche. Go through below: Free coupons, discounts, promo code and live deals from all popular shopping brands

3. Free link directory or search engine

– This is also a good idea to start SEO link directory on the niche. As for doing faithful SEO, the white SEO method includes the most effective way: link building in which everyone goes on free directories and submit their website link. For example Demoz or directory critic. You can start the same functionality in your niche.

After getting the popularity of your niche, you can also sell paid links to the world. This would definitely a money making niche blog idea for you. Please check my own niche below:

Add website link, URL for free in SEO directory

4. Online tools specific

– If you are a technical person or having technical knowledge you can go with this idea. This is something we can create a tool for users to do some specific task online. For eg. online logo making the tool, online banner and facebook cover making a tool, document edit, writing tool with download option etc.

As I am a developer I had developed many tools like this for my clients in past. So I can assure you this would be the great idea for selling your stuff also. You can send me a message if you want brief on this topic.

5. Recipe book

– Cooking and food are always the most popular among our society. As we all know the food is energy for human beings. Our day starts with our food and ends up on food. So cooking always be a great passion for many blog lovers. When we think of the new food we definitely go on searching out new recipes.

So you can start a book type niche where you can serve the food lovers with latest recipes and ingredients. You would definitely become a chef buddy.

6. Stories book

– In our childhood, we all love to listen to the stories and new interesting fairy tales. It can be a good idea to attract a specific type of readers who just wants to read about the heroes. You can explore more with adding novels, iconic biographies etc.

7. Personal interview or magazine

– My favorite is just create a personal corner where you can write about the Bollywood, Hollywood hero’s, the leaders, the iconic peoples and many more. In other words, you can start your own magazine which provide the best information about the life of others. You can add as many types of interview and variations as possible. This could be a money generated and personal popularity niche blog idea.

8. Online training (eg. self-defense video)

– As by title you must understand what can be this idea about. As on youtube and other video channels you see many types of training videos for users. You can start your own training center where you can add your own custom made videos about any type of training you want to provide the consumers.

For example start with yoga classes training, self-defense training, programming tutorials or training.

9. Yellow page directory

– Anything we want we always say “search on Google” or “Go for it on Google” as nowadays we can find the contact numbers of health centers, the yoga teachers, the driving center and much more in just one click. Everyone prefer online nowadays. So you can create your own yellow page directory for it.

10. Free article directory

– like the link directory as I mentioned above you can also add a niche as free or paid article directory. This is second popular niche idea according to me. As promoting ourselves, we generally prefer to link more and more on whitelisted websites on the internet. We can become the source for that.

11. Photographer corner

– This is what I am thinking the next. I am going to create a niche of my own where I will create functionality for all photographers where they can post their amazing photos and pictures. This can be a type of marketplace. Where photographer adds the creations and sell them through your niche. You can earn commission on their sale. An example is Fiverr this time.

You can signup for the free account and sell your stuff on the website.

12. Latest walking jobs and interview

– Job the something which everyone find all the way. As work is the backbone of our life. No one survives without a perfect job. So you can go for a simple niche where you can just add the job walk-ins for the readers. This can also include freelancing jobs etc. Also, you can add some articles related to interviews and tips.

13. Events listing

– For a social life, we all search out for some social events in free time. You can find many people who find out regularly for some social events, seminars, and job fairs. You can create a niche simply providing the events information to readers with venue details etc.

14. Interior design tips blog (home and decors)

– Home decor is something which every creative person think about. As we spend a quality time at our home and always find the best ideas behind home decors tips and suggestions. Simply creating a niche with home decors material guide, tips, and suggestions can drive a good traffic to our niche.

15. Critics page

– This is something we can start independently in the world. As a blogger, we all have the freedom to express our views either they negative or positive towards society, movies, politics and others. So this is something we can regularly update and give something new to discuss with readers.

16. Online tutorial and help desk

– I have already started my tutorial niche. This is the best idea for starting a niche blog. As every successful reader is like a student who surfing the internet for learning something new. Also, the programs and students prefer online help desk more for academic help. So you can start with a tutorial very easily and share your own problems, doubts and also try to solve other
learners queries.

I have developed my own niche on this topic: http://www.shonaweb.com/

17. Daily quotes, jokes, SMS template

– Another good idea for starting a blog is adding jokes, funny SMS, and daily inspirational quotes. This is also very useful for social networking websites too. As we all spend a lot of time on social networks nowadays. We all use to read some jokes, funny post daily on Facebook, twitter to overcome our daily stress. So you can go for a niche with jokes and daily quotes. Also, get linked to the social networking sharing must, as everyone wants to share funny things to the world.

18. Travel dairy

– If you love to travel new places and wants to share your travel experience with the world, you can go for this option. This can be a very simple niche by adding articles and images to a specific travel spot.

19. Fashion tips and lifestyle

– Everyone know lifestyle is something we can not live without. We usually go for new things in fashion and lifestyle every day without realizing. As this is the most important part of our life. We all love to know about latest fashion trends, new things and lifestyle tips. So adding a simple niche with daily fashion related article can return a lot to us.

20. Social causes

– Another best option for making a good traffic niche blog is social issues related web page. Yu can simply start a blog page where you can invite your friends and readers to comment on social issues.

As in current time, there can be a lot of social issues and society related points where you can publish the opinion polls.

21. History blog

– History always is a good knowledge source for new generation. Every new student always searches out some history blog where he can read about our old generations lives and traditions.

22. Poetry

– On the network, this is also another popular blog idea to grab a good traffic. If you are poetry lover and used to store the poems, this can be a good niche blog option for you.

23. Parenting and family

– If you have the interest in parenting knowledge and wants to share your article about family values and traditions you can also think of this topic to start your own blog now.

24. Pets blog

– Animals and birds have an important role in our life. In the modern age, we almost love the pets and wants to spend our quality time with them. If you are a pet lover and have great information about pets and related materials like feed, pet care products, pet stores etc, you can start sharing your points with your won blog.

25. Music room

– If you like music and always keep music in your pocket then you can start a blog where you can keep your own playlist and awesome music. Also, this can be placed where others can join you and share your music love in community.

26. Language learning

– In the world, there are lots of different languages used to write and spoken. When we visit a new place we often need to learn their language and culture. So many of the internet users search out for websites who teach them required language in an easy way. You can start your language tutorial blog for them.

27. Online social complaint system

– As we all play a role consumer and end user in our daily life in some way. Sometimes we like the product and sometimes doesn’t. When we face a lot of product related issues like their usage, their replacement warranty issues and their price related points, we always want to share our reviews and complaints about specific products to others.

So this can be the good way to store consumer complaint marketplace in a blog.

28. Celebrity gossips, serials, movie reviews

– Also, another very popular and very effective blog creating the idea. As Bollywood, Hollywood and politics have become a biggest interest area for all of us nowadays. We can start our own personal blog page for showing movies reviews, serials episodes stories, their internal stories and celebrity interview. Go for it.

29. legal issues and suggestion

– If you are a lawyer or has the interest in legal affairs then you can simply share the legal issues and related answers and suggestion on a blog page.

30. Affiliate blog

– Affiliate has become the very popular term in past few years. As this has become the popular medium to earn money online. You can join affiliate networks and show their content on a blog post or can play a role of Affiliate itself.

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