5 must have SEO plugins for high page rank in WordPress

SEO plugins for high page rank


When I started creating my personal blog, I was not pretty much sure about SEO and related techniques. But today SEO has become as important as writing my blog articles. For on-page optimization, I had to search a lot, for exact plugins as I required. But now I have completed with my list. So I am going to share these plugins with you all:

  1. 1. Yoast SEO

    As any WordPress plugin, The SEO plugin is very most important than any other plugin. As any website in the world depends on SEO ranking of it. So it is very necessary to have exact keywords and metadata information so that crawler can detect website pages more and more. Yoast is the best plugin can be used for WordPress SEO.

    WordPress Yoast SEO plugin is the best SEO plugin in all other as it contains all major functionality for a successful SEO of the blog. As I am personally using the plugin and it gives me great options for adding keywords, meta tags, and other SEO features. It helps in many major SEO operations like creating XML sitemaps for the blog posts, pages, tags, images, categories, and other custom post type separately.

    It helps in editing the robot.txt file and ht-access too.
    Also, provide a super tool for finding out the Keywords and many more.

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  1. 2. SEO friendly Images

    For making a website SEO friendly it is very necessary that we use optimize image into the website. Optimizing an image reduce image size and improve image quality. It helps in loading images easily on the website.
    EWWW Image Optimizer is the best plugin for optimizing the images on uploading time as well as old images in the website. It reduces image sizes in one click and bulk action.

    For SEO friendly niche blog we all need perfectly optimized images as images attract more visitors than paragraphs text. As per white SEO policy, every optimized page should have one or more images. When an image gets index in search image, it defined by the title attribute. So it should have the title tag.

    Also, sometimes images do not load because of server down issues etc, in that way it effects bad SEO results. To prevent the error we generally use alt tag (alternate text) to the image. Normally when we upload an image we often forget to add the both tags. This plugin adds the title and alt tag automatically to the image.

    Another reason for using this plugin is: for good SEO ranking we should the main keyword in image tags, so this plugin adds main keyword to the image title.



  1. 3. WP External Links

    This plugin is very useful in affiliate store. It adds the no follow attribute to the text link and media links itself. Also, it converts the links in SEO friendly format. Also, add other fields like the external word, class etc.

    It is useful in SEO as it reform all links in a no-follow format which are very helpful in getting a good ranking on search engines and remove unwanted recommendations from website pages like guest posts and comments.



  1. 4. SEO Redirection

    As in WordPress blogs, lots of blogs post added by users, it is very necessary to find the blank page (i.e 404 error page).

    The 404 error count as negative in almost every search engine. So we have to install redirection plugin which helps in preventing error log and webmaster area.



  1. 5. Broken Link Checker

    This plugin will check your posts, comments and other content for broken links and missing images, and notify you if any is found.

    As 404-error is the very common and obvious in WordPress, we need a good plugin which can check the 404 broken error pages and post articles. This is the plugin which will monitor you WordPress blog for broken links and send notifications by email.

    It also notifies missing images, external links in the post, pages and comments and the unnecessary redirects.



  1. 6. WP Smush

    As I explained above Images in the blog post are very important for a good SEO ranking. But the size of images always is a big problem for the websites as they definitely slow down the page speed. And decreasing the loading speed of blog page can harm the SEO ranking of it. So the best solution for it to optimize the images to a limited extend and compress them so that they can load much faster. Wp Smush is the best plugin for compressing the images.

    It just compresses all media images in one click. Also, automatically do the action while uploading the new image in WordPress media gallery.



All the plugins I list up, are free in use and definitely will help you to improve your web page SEO and ranking in major search engines. As manually we can not do the actions which they all do for us in just seconds. As the benefit of using a WordPress CMS is its wonderful plugin support. So as per my opinion if we can improve the blog niche performance with free stuff then we should definitely use them.

Please send me you feedbacks if you are using the same plugins as they will help me to improve my list in future.

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