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Welcome you on SeoGenetic – a platform for all passionate bloggers  and readers like me. I believe in sharing out my experience and thoughts  with others to make a profit for all.

I started my SeoGenetic.com personal blog on November 1st, 2015. I have been  working in PHP and Html from last 4 years and I learn a lot of tricks  and ways to start my own personal blog.

I got my personal blogging inspiration from many popular bloggers when I started it I was not sure about my ideas. But today the picture  has turned completely.

If you never think about blogging and underestimate blogging as the non-serious profession, then must think again. Yes, blogging is the perfect  medium to convert your interest in money making process.

“Be your own boss, Start sharing your view point to all over the world just now!”

About me:Seogenetic.com

Sonia Gaur

I am Sonia Gaur, the creator of Seogenetic.com having a best future plan  for all bloggers like me. I believe in -investing my time and efforts in the proper way with the seamless guide for a  successful outcome.

I faced a lot of  challenges in my life in last few years and life give  me this  chance to do something for me now. So I get started my own blog where I can share my own thoughts and future plans.

“Be honest to your work, nothing is better for you than your own work”

My basic profile is the Web developer and I am working from last 4 years in  PHP, Magento and WordPress. I created around 5 personal blogs till  now and going to create much more in next few days.

“Respect your work, efforts and ideas, they will change your life for sure”

About me, one can not be so much predictable at one time. I like traveling, watching movies, reading blogs and appreciating others for beautiful work. Soon I will share my complete journey on my blog.

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I would definitely love to hear back from you. If you need any help or having any query then please  contact me on [email protected]

– Sonia Gaur