Build e-commerce affiliate product store in Woo-commerce

Start earning with no investment at all !

Create your e-commerce affiliate product store in Woo-commerce

Imagine life without online shopping, seems very difficult these days. As online shopping has become the most searchable trend in last few years. Anything we want we can get in very few minutes just because of online markets.

Here I have some very useful and effective way to build your own product-based e-commerce online web store without having the actual products. Now you think how it can be possible? As having an online product catalogue without having your own products on the market. Yes, it is possible. It is conceivable by simply good but amazing term “Affiliate marketing “

Affiliate marketing is not just sharing affiliate links on your website or niche or showing displaying ads showcase but it has become many more now. Many wealthy affiliate networks are in the marketplace these days who just not offering simple affiliate links or banner ads but latest offers, deals and coupons too.

We can get live product feeds from affiliate networks easily which we can simply import on our e-commerce website.  Also, we can use the direct APIs for having same functionality too on which I will discuss in my next article.

How to start with E-commerce website?

First, if you are planning to set up the e-commerce website in WordPress which is easier than other e-commerce platforms like Magento then you just need to start with installing WordPress on your hosting account with a suitable domain name. Follow the previous post for more help:

How to Install WordPress?

After getting WordPress installation, you will need an E-commerce plugin for your website. As per my experience, Woo-commerce is the best plugin forever. I am working on a woo-commerce plugin from last four years and this is the best plugin for build-up online product shop in WordPress.

Woo-commerce has an option to select an external link for the product. This link will be work as affiliate link for the specific product which redirects buy now button effect to the affiliate store product description page.

For example, in an ordinary cart store all buy now actions add the product to the cart in the same website. After checkout, the order will be placed on the same website but as want the order and cart process to be done on Affiliate store website we have to redirect the customer to that store website. Therefore, Wo-commerce affiliate URL option makes it easy for you without making any change in programming code.

Below are the steps to create a single affiliate product in Woo-commerce plugin:

  1. Login in wp-admin area
  2. Click on add product option in left sidebar products menu.
  3. A new product adding form will be opened. Add your product name in the title field.
  4. Add specific details like the description and featured image as the main product image. For the image, you can simply open the affiliate product on third party website and download the image to desktop. Then upload that image as the main featured image.
  5. Now below description, select product type as affiliate/external link from the options.
  6. As other related information’s like inventory, weight etc will be managed on third party website you can simply copy them.
  7. In URL field add the browser URL from the address bar and add your affiliate ID to it so that your sales commission can be track by your affiliate customer ID.
  8. Click on publish and check the product on frontend side. Your product Buy now button should be redirected to your Affiliate store.


Adding affiliate products in bulk:

Simply import all product feeds data in one step, below are the steps how to do it easily through the admin area.

  1. Download WP all import pro plugin. This is the awesome plugin which can import data from any file type in your WordPress. It has a lot of features to customize your import process and make it easy for you to upload a large quantity data at very simple cost.
  2. But if you want to import Woo-commerce products and attributes along with product image download. Woo-commerce extension will make it easier to import Woo-commerce variation products data at a single click.
  3. Click on New Import under All Import option on the left side from a wp-admin area.
  4. Select your file from desktop or upload a direct file from internet (external URL)New Import
  5. Now select Woo-Commerce products as import type from the dropdown.New Import choose option
  6. The most import step is 4 in which you need to drag and drop your fields value in WordPress post fields to specify which fields will hold which part of the import file. For example, if you are uploading the XML file then this node of XML file will specify which field will be the drag in product fields simultaneously.New Import drag titleselect product typedrag image
  7. Select the category, drag image field, and other important fields like price, add to cart link (affiliate URL) etc.drag category
  8. Now import the products in simply pressing continue buttons and confirm and import button. All is done. You can check your affiliate products in the woo-commerce product section.import and confirm




  1. Why is Woo-commerce best for online e-commerce solutions in WordPress?

Woo-commerce is the one the top free plugins in WordPress. Though it has many features which make it different from another e-commerce plugin like wp-e-commerce etc but variations and product gallery are marvellous.

2. How will affiliate product store work?

For an e-commerce website, you especially need the products to display on the website.  But if you do not have personal products, you must feel it impossible. But by affiliate product store you can display the most popular products from popular shopping portals which offer affiliate products feed in the market.  The buyer simply like the products on your website and click on the products to buy them. They will be redirected to affiliate store website where they can purchase their product. You will get CPS (per sale commission) for that.

3. How much is this safe?

Creating your own affiliate product store is absolutely safe. Only you have to mention your website Privacy Policy page and terms and condition where you have to mention your visitor’s the policy of your website and related content.

4. How can you get the required plugins?

For this post, I mentioned 3 plugins mainly. For adding products in WordPress 1. Woo-commerce is the best plugin, for import the products in bulk from any file type 2. WP All Import pro 

and for the Woo-commerce advance product featured an extension for WP All import – 3. WooCommerce Add-On Pro

Note: If you want the pro version of WP All Import plugins, write me on [email protected] I would send you the files. 

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