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There are lots of way on the internet, you can start creating your own personal blog with no efforts at all. Starting a blog is now a very simple process to do on at this time.

There are some basic and very popular networks you can start with:

1. Create your blog in WordPress (personal hosting)

Please go through the link below for making a personal blog website in WordPress on your hosting account-

How to create blog – beginner’s guide Free!

2. Start your own blog with

How to create the blog on Blogspot Free!

3. Create your new website free at (third party hosting)

– Start creating your own personal website or blog with the third party hosting account. Please go through the common steps below. Creating and customizing the blog page in is very easy and there is no need of any WordPress development experience. You can also go with adding plugins, but they are the premium feature of a website. This is useful if you want the simple blog for just posting your daily experience in your circle and show your skills.


1. Very easy to use and customize without coding experience.
2. Can hold with your own domain name.
3. Fully search engine friendly, will show website on top searches on Google, yahoo, bing

4. Good customer support
5. The community of millions of WordPress users.
6. Premium plans on easy clicks.

Follow the link below:

Steps 1.: Choose your preferred template for starting a personal blog

Create an account —
Step 2: Choose domain name or keyword for your blog.For example I choose SeoGenetic, my blog domain name would be: seogeneticblog.wordpress.comCreate an account —domain name]

For domain, you can also choose a personal domain like but you have to pay the amount to for the domain name then. Also, you can link your already hosted domain to

Step 3: add your current email address, username, and password for login into website blog. You need to be confirmed with your email address, the confirmation code will be sent to your inbox.

Step 4: you can now start with customizing look and feel of your blog as in normal WordPress website with no need of any development experience.

customize website

Step 5: Start creating your own blog page.

Step 6: select your theme free of cost.

Step 7: Run your website with your live URL


Drawbacks of the third party hosting-

As on the internet, you can find many ways to start your blog free of cost on hosted websites with just a few efforts, though I will not recommend you to create your personal blog on other’s hosting. As per me there are

several reasons for that:

1. If you are thinking to invest your time and effort in creating a blog then you must be very serious and dedicated towards it. According to me after some time, you must be curious about making money through your blog.

Now the question is if you are ready for making a blog on third party hosting your hard work, not in safe hands. As investment should be return and we can’t afford to misplace our hard work in future with zero outcomes. So be your on boss and take a personal hosting to manage itself.

2. When you write and share your thoughts you will definitely get popularity in future and if that all can delete by the third party in just one click, you can not take it anyway. So host your personal investment on your side only.

3. Also, the SEO of blog will be the biggest reason for hosting your blog website on a personal hosting account. As SEO is the biggest output which every internet user want and do not want it for others on your behalf.


Please do not hesitate in sharing your views as comments for above blog post.I would really appreciate your contribution.

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