Essential plugins need to install in WordPress startup stage


As per my experience, I found some plugins which are essential in WordPress and should be install when we start a WordPress blog.

  1. All In One WP Security

    As WordPress become a common platform to create a blog and also very popular, it is very obvious that it can be hacked by spammer and hacker. As WordPress is easy configured CMS it is easier to enter in WordPress code, so when you start with WordPress installation be ready for these issues.

    To get rid of spammer and security problem, ” All In One WP Security ” is the best solution. It has lots of option to set ht-access security rules for outsiders and search engines.

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  2. EWWW Image Optimizer

    For making a website SEO friendly it is very necessary that we use optimize image into the website. Optimizing an image reduce image size and improve image quality. It helps in loading images easily on the website.
    EWWW Image Optimizer is the best plugin for optimizing the images on uploading time as well as old images in the website. It reduces image sizes in one click and bulk action.

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  3. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

    As optimizing a website time to time has the great impact on search engine ranking of the website. The optimizing database is as important as optimizing website other content.
    It is a great plugin to optimize the database table and help to reduce database size by deleting unused tags, category, and page revisions.

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  4. W3 Total Cache

    As another plugin , Cache is the most important step to be taken on WordPress installation as cache helps in website SEO.
    W3 Total Cache is the most popular plugin for cache and helps in improving website loading speed.

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  5. SEO Redirection

    As in WordPress blogs, lots of blogs post added by users, it is very necessary to find the blank page (i.e 404 error page). The 404 error count as negative in almost every search engine. So we have to install redirection plugin which helps in preventing error log and webmaster area.

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  6. Yoast SEO

    As any WordPress plugin, The SEO plugin is very most important than any other plugin. As any website in the world depends on n SEO ranking of it. So it is very necessary to have exact keywords and metadata information so that crawler can detect website pages more and more. Yoast is the best plugin can be used for WordPress SEO.

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As all above plugins are free for all users, One must have these plugins to be install in WordPress blog.

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