How to create a Facebook personal or business page?

how to create facebook page



Facebook – a social networking platform which has developed very fast and soon become the first choice of social activities. Everyone who has an internet connection or internet approach wants to be connected with Facebook these days. Facebook has become the most common and popular way to get connected with your friends, relatives, loved ones and the outside world whom you do not know.

As per the Facebook popularity among youngsters and the active internet users, the Facebook team has invented a useful feature for business holders as well as knowledge spreaders to have their own personal page on Facebook with their unique web URL so that they can get connected more and more to the world.

This is not hidden aspect for the modern age people who wants be popular among the network or the brands which need to get instant promotion for their use. As the competition increased in past years and making a website SEO ranking better to generate business profit is not so much easier nowadays.

So to get instant consumers and users for our brands we follow the Advertising world. Facebook is also a fantastic interface to get so. I will share my post about how to promote your page on Facebook through the Facebook promotional campaign called Facebook Adverts.

For now, let’s get started with how to create your own personal page on Facebook or how to get a brand name page on Facebook.

Just follow the steps listed below:

1. Signup for a Facebook account if you have never been doing so.

2. If you have Facebook account already, just sign-in up

3. Click on the top right corner arrow dropdown comes up, select create page option from the drop downfacebook-Create a Page

4. Now choose your type of page, for example, local business page or personal page.

5. Now choose your category and other information like website name etc.

facebook-select category

6. In next step add description about your page or brand

Facebook-create page information

7. Upload your profile page logo, for eg. logo of your website

8. In next step, you can set the page in your favorites which will show in the left sidebar in you Facebook timeline area.

9. Now add you target country and age group information etc.

Facebook-set page audience

10. Click on save and you were done with your personal page now.

11. After getting redirect to your page, you can edit your information in about section of the page and setup the settings to.

facebook page
Only creating the web page is not enough if you are very serious about your business or brand. You have to promote your page on Facebook so that more and more people get engaged with your page and brand too. Facebook itself help their users in this case. they have created a feature in which we can promote our website URL, page URL or get paid likes to the page.

This is completely paid service from Facebook but very cost effective and easy. It is not much costly for short budget advertisers. So get promotion of your page now, read my next blog for this here...

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