How to earn money at home


Earning money from home is not so easy as it looks like. As per my personal experience, you have to be very creative and dedicated to your online work whatever way you take to earn money. As money comes in return of money, time and efforts investment only. So when you aimed to work with online methods to make results you should very dedicate to your efforts.

1. Earn money by simple blogging

Blogging seems an easy and straight way to get earn by your views and daily notes, but it is not so easy to deliver good quality blogging to your readers.

In terms of blogging, you have to be clean and clear in your thoughts and the writing skills. As making confusion in your mind while writing your blog can confuse your readers too. And that can be result in not getting as much popularity as you want for your blog.

Anyways, blogging is the clean way to earn money with a clear viewpoint. You can start working with your blog site as early as possible. The blogging is not only a great medium to earn money is also a great skill of yours. You can explore in your CV or personal life too. So in my view, everyone should have the point of view and clear thinking about various aspects of living. On one hand you express your view ideas to the world and on second hand you get paid off your favorite job. Isn’t a good idea. Yes, according to me, blogging is the best thing that anyone can

From blogging, you can earn money in many ways like showing Ads on your blogs, adding affiliate referral links to your web page and selling product independently to your users. So start blogging today. You can read about personal blogging in my next post briefly.

2. Write content for sale

If you are a good writer and have the capability to express your view on any topic with excellent writing skills which can attract the readers and consumers easily then you must think about this option. As on the internet, the role of good content is always the top priority of any business website. Every product based website require content writers who can write content for their product with eye-catching words and effective writing skills. They do provide paid jobs for such pattern.
So you can go with such content sale job online and earn money from this idea.

As content demand will be always active in a market you can go with freelancing jobs for content writing. You can get paid 350 to 1000 per article writing. Also, if you are not sure about your quality of words and content you can go with many other tools to recognize such issues. You can read about content writing briefly in my next blog here.

A website which offer content writing jobs is,, desk, and Fiverr.

3. Affiliate money (commission per sale )

Making money by the affiliate is also a good option for people who wants to work with  dedication at home and earn by promoting the web page with affiliate referrals.  Affiliate earning being count by sale per affiliate. As this is not same as PPC  (Pay per click). Affiliate works on sale count.

For this method, you need to signup for affiliate account who provide affiliate earning program to users. After getting successfully signup, you need to configure their referral URL or API on your website through with the affiliate store can track the users visits from your website or blog to their product. And when the user  buys their product through your reference, you will get paid for the sale
commission directly. This is the best and easy way to earn large amount on big product sales like website hosting, domains, electronics products and property etc.

4. Data entry jobs

Data entry jobs are simple kind of online jobs that can be done by any internet  user. This is not big rocket science. Everyone who has general knowledge of computer system can get work with this job. In the market, the data entry jobs are large in numbers and income. A lot of product based website need daily updating the data on their websites and for that, they require freelancers who can
accomplish the job on their behalf. You can try the freelancing websites for such type of jobs like elance, freelancer, Fiverr, o-desk etc.

5. Advertisement on website (PPC)

This is the best way to earn money which every online blogger apply to their life. This is low effort method return high earning revenue through the pay per click ads. But for such ads, we need a perfect website or blog which have higher page rank and high traffic on daily basis. Also, the website should be updated on the regular basis for users and readers so that they visit the website again and again. More they click on the ads on the website, you will get the PPC amount directly in your account. For this job you need a well-written content website with good SEO and serve users with their requirements specifically.

6. Earn from reading Ads in Inbox or messaging

The last option for me to earn money from online PTC job as the income outcomes are very low in such type of job. If you want to invest your daily 30 minutes in reading and surfing website you can go with such type of jobs. I personally do not recommend these ways as earning are very low in it and most of the websites who offers such kind of ideas are generally proven fake. Also, this can not be said a permanent way of earning. You can’t depend on this kind of jobs for your needs and income. I would prefer to read my blog for this option here…

7. Earn from daily surveys and games

Earnings from this kind of medium are for the free users which have a lot of time to invest and also do not want a huge amount of money from their efforts. As going for daily survey and filling your information can make you harasses and confuse al the way. I personally do not recommend you to spend your time in this.

For earning, you have to go with the survey links and fill the information they require for their survey as many steps as they have. You can not leave the survey in middle because that can result in failure of your income effort. So have patience and free time for such kind of jobs.

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