How to get money by simply reading Ads from PTC sites


If you have around 20-25 minutes daily to spend for earning money in a very easy  way then this is the best method for. Still some people do not recommend this  types of jobs yet as the revenue from this type of jobs is very slow and small.
So the people who think to do better and bigger can join another way to earn  money at home. But if you are an Indian and have the patience to earn the money in a small-medium you can go with this PTC method for earning money at home by just  spending your some time in doing some research work for the company.

Top PTC sites who pay for your efforts are:

1. clixSense

the license is completely easy and most real way to join PTC job work. They work on
simple ways to get paid.

Clixsense use PayPal for sending payments to users. For using Clixsense you have
to first signup for a PayPal account. After getting a PayPal account you can link
it with clixsense account and they will transfer your income in PayPal account.
Fro there you can transfer the amount in your bank account easily.

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2. NeoBux

3. Paidverts

Important fact about the PTC websites:

As there are a lots of fake website and companies who offer the PTC kind of job.
But they almost fake and failed to send income to the worker. Some of them are
only based on registration step only.As they charge registration fees, after
getting the fees amount they get disconnected from user. So beware of all such
fraud PTC websites and companies.

Ways to increase your earning by monitoring your efforts for PTC jobs:

As while working with PTC websites, you can not get more and more by spending extra time because for every user a limited set of work is generated by the website account and that can be finished in estimated time, still you can take knowledge of some simple steps while working with that:

1. Make your self regular for your job. If possible then try to do your job on exact time when it is required and do not let it go for next day.

2. The another way is referral program. Try to connect with more and more your friends and relatives to get involve in the job as such websites also pay for referrals. So it is also an easy way to double your income.

3. If possible get a paid account with the website as they can trust you in that way fully and you will get definitely loyalty points from them. So go with that.

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