Start with WordPress – how to install WordPress blog


In today time, WordPress become a great and effective way to create blog website. As WordPress is the most easiest blog CMS, It is used by a million of users to personalize their blog on the internet. If you are not familiar with WordPress so far, get start by installing WordPress in very easy steps below:

Installing WordPress

    1. 1. A perfect web browser to show web pagesBasic required elements before installing a WordPress:
      1. 2. Must have an editor to edit files (must be PHP file extension enable)
      2. 3. FTP connecting software to transfer files from disk to web server
      3. 4. A WordPress runnable Linux server hosting with domain name

      Eg. Godaddy server, HostGator, net4 etc.

    Steps before installing WordPress

    1. 1. Download WordPress latest edition and extract zip files to the server directory …

    1. 2. Move files in the folder you want to install WordPress blog or keep on root directory if you want to install it on the main website.
    2. 3. Now go in database section and create a database with your database name
    3. 4. Add a database user and add all privilege to that particular user for the database (add, edit, delete etc.)
    4. 5. Now open domain name URL in the web browser and follow the basic steps to install WordPress by adding required information to installation form. For eg. Database name, database user, database user password, on next step add site title, description and other admin user login information to set up them on WordPress admin account. These settings can be changed later on so they are editable.
    5. 6. After successfully installation options front page URL and wp-admin page for an administrator account.



    Import already made WordPress website to live server with exact steps:

      1. 1. Compress files and convert them to zipping from
      2. 2. Upload zip folder into root server directory through FTP software
      3. 3. Extract files on server folder or root directory where you want to install WordPress
      4. 4. Now export database into MySQL format in local PHPMyAdmin
      5. 5. Open live server PHPMyAdmin through username and password provided by the hosting provider
      6. 6. Import MySQL database file in Import section of PHPMyAdmin
      7. 7. If database successfully uploads (import), go on next step
      8. 8. Open wp-config.php file in file directory through FTP
      9. 9. Edit wp-config.php file by replacing following parameters values

    a.) Replace Database name with your live server database name

    b.) Replace Database Username and Password with your live server credentials

    1. All done, you can check the website with normally open URL in the browser, If database connection set correctly it will run as a normal web page.

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