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Hi guys, let’s discuss the first common question about blogging. “How do I write a blog to my own” It is not so tough I think. We all are superb in our daily life and a great writer somehow. Though it is about our personal life or professional life. We all play a great role in our own life as we are the “Lead Hero ” Isn’t. So as per me we all can choose our own topic for expressing our self. It is very easy. So let’s get start writing the blog with some basic tips I mentioned below. Have a look.

Steps before writing a blog-

1. Choose your own topic –

For creating a blog, the first basic point is to choose your exact topic and be sure about what you wants to express relate to that particular topic. As sometimes, we are very much sure about our imagination and want to express it as early as possible before forgetting the words and their meanings. So if this situation comes to you just try t write fast with your words fast. Forget about grammatical errors and spelling as that can be taken care in the final wrap up the step.

Sometimes we get confuse with our own thoughts and realistic facts. So let be a little bit slow about it. Pause it. Time to follow the next steps before proceeding.

2. Understand your audience

If you get confuse about your sentences and information, as sometimes you have a lot to write but making bulk sentences can convert blog in dull. So let’s try to understand the public opinion for it. You can take help of public polls and surveys in that case and after getting confirmation can resume the blog.

3. Planning and creating outline of your blog

After getting a correct topic, time to get a brief outline of the dashboard. In this step just try to make the outline of your scenario for blog post outlook, how it should look like to the audience.

4. Do necessary research

After a plotting and planning, let’s do some research for our topic. As this is the most important way to improve the user experience with our blog. All short confusions get to be sorted out with this searching. Try to follow internet resources as well as books and other sources.

5. Relate with facts and public demands

If you are planning to write a blog connecting with real issues or ideas which will have an impact on reader mind then you should be very much sure about the loyalty of your points. Be honest to your readers is the great way to connect with your mind and soul directly. So before making any impact to the social world, get relate with the facts and public issues for that particular topic.This will really helpful to you for a successful post.

Start writing the content

1. ) Proper headline, title, and tags for your blog-

Now time to actual writing your words on the dashboard. For it, you just need little tips as all you have done yourself so far. Writing any article is always been a creative thing for writers. So every time we write our words and thoughts we want some better. Yes very true. So for perfect presentation use proper big font headline which should be very eye catching and attractive. Also, it is must important that one can read the meaning in just first look.

Also, collect some basic and useful tags for your blog. These can be the top ranked keywords used in your paragraphs. So prepare for them too.

2.) Attractive intro para and featured image-

Images are the great way to attract any short time visitor on the blog and it can hold him to come back on the website. As the eye-catching images have the direct impact on human mind than written content.So be very sure to design the best meaningful images for your content.

3. )Use proper category-

Don’t forget to mention category of your blog content
Always categorize your content. More categories will create more positive search result for your blog. Also, it will helpful in search engine optimization of the blog on the internet.

4. ) Short paragraphs with sub-headings-

Try to write small but meaningful sentences with short paragraphs with related examples or funny comments. Also, add subheadings to para to that reader can keep reading the blog till the end line.

5. ) Use subheading images in blog post -image convert complicated content in easily understand language.

Try to add sub-images to subheading related as it will give the blog a proper length and word’s meaning a density. Images can help to explain your points more easily to readers.

6. ) Use public opinion by reading comments and feedback of readers

Add some section for your readers so that they can share their thoughts and experience with you. This will definitely help the author to improve the quality of words and writing skills. Also, it proves your social engaging features.

7.)Ending with non-repeated words and sentences.

Be sure that you repeat the word less and less as much possible. You can use synonyms of same words, if necessary, to write again and again. This will be more powerful too.

Read blog and check grammatical errors

This is must to check your spellings and words meaning. As you need to sure whether your blog sentences are delivering the correct sense to readers or not. For it, you can simply go through the lines and headings and check the grammatical errors. As the top search engines do not mark the spelling mistakes positive. It can harm your blog ranking.

Share with some expert before making public if possible.

The best way to get involve in blog writing professionally. As we are lots of tools and techniques on the internet who can help us improving the volume of our words and sentences. The professional bloggers use this technique for a money oriented blog writing career.

Wrap up with optimization for your blog
Optimization of your blog is again the most important part of the whole process. As without a correct optimization, your blog article would not get identify successfully. So get started the optimization process as early as possible after finishing your blog.

Important points one should take care while writing a personal blog-

1. For the very first be very honest to your readers. Share your own ideas, interest and thoughts.

2. Be very friendly to your readers by simple language words and easy getting comments.

3. Do not try to be very professional or rude to your readers. As as a writer we all wants to hold our blog reader more and more.

4. Always welcome suggestions and feedback of blog readers.

5. Try to help and sort out the problems of your website blog visitors.

6. Always remember a great writer can not be a perfect write all the time. So keep learning before writing.

Cheers guys.


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