How to prevent website ranking from 404 error issue


“Error 404 – Page Not Found” have you seen this error in your web page ever. If yes then this blog post definitely helpful to you. Today I going to share with you the most common error which every website owner or developer face in the time of website promotion and surfing. So first it is very necessary to know what this error is all about and when it comes to your beautiful web pages – please read below all the answers of these common questions.

What are 404-not found an error?Impact of 404 error- not found on search engine ranking

– We develop our website on The internet just to get profit. For making huge profit we do promote our website in search engines worldwide. In term of the actions by a search engine when a user or search engine crawler search for the website page, the search engine bot request generates and hit on a web server. Now the server duty to show the immediate response to the bot. The server then searches for that particular web address and find it on the website. It not then it gives the revert response to the search engine bot in term of an error log. This is called 404 error -not found error.

The impact of 404 error is very much on visitors and the search engines. Like if the user will see link for your website and shows interest on it, he must want to see the information linked to it.For that he comes on our website. But when he will not get the correct information it may be affected on his experience and he would not come again for that. Therefore, it can harm your website popularity and interest. Also, the search engine ranking gets the effect by the errors on the website either 404 error or any other temporary URL errors. You have to be very carefully for it.

1. Why 404 error show on your website pages? Reasons for “Error 404 – Page Not Found”

This is very common error and can be caused by many reasons like –

1.) When you delete any existing page in your website and the website link remains on anywhere on search engines.

– If you delete any existing page suddenly from your website and the link of that particular page remain listed in search engines or any other web page, the visitor will click on that link and get the redirect on your web page. But the crawler does not get the page, it will show 404 error to the visitor. Which will definitely a bad impact on your website.

2.) When the visitor gets wrong web page link for your website.

– It can happen if the visitor will found the wrong website address for your web page. This will generally happen in sub-pages of the website. As the wrong address of the main website doesn’t cause you any error, it will identify as a different website domain.

3.) When you the permalink structure of your website.

– This is the most common error which WordPress users often faced. As WordPress has many options for setting up the permalink structure of website links. For example
By default, WordPress has this structure –

But if you want SEO friendly URL structure you often apply other methods like – day and name archive -month and name archive -numeric structure – post name wise

Also, WordPress use permalinks as category based, or tag based. So all these permalink structure very different from each other and can really cause a different impact on website ranking in search engines. As we use HTML based web URLs for making website search engine friendly and ranking up purpose. Making the sudden change in permalink structure can show old web pages link as 404 error -not found in crawling time. So be careful about this action.

4.) Any scripting internal error –

If use is using PHP, Java type coding language for developing your website then this can be a result. As sometimes script execution stops due to internal coding error and it causes error log such as 404 error- not found for the whole page.
How to prevent the “404 error- not found”
-Now the time to think how we can prevent our website from such errors and create the website more user-friendly as well as search engine friendly.

The first action we need to identify the exact URL request generates on your server for web pages. We need the correct list of the URL on the regular basis.

For this, we can generally use the webmaster feature of search engines like Google search engine, bing webmaster

Generally, we use Google Webmaster tool as it is absolutely for every user. You just need to verify your website ownership to the Google. Once he gets satisfied with the validation process you can create many useful actions from Google Webmaster tool in well-fare of your website.

Please read my next blog ” How to use Google Webmaster tool ” for brief

404 error crawer

Now you get the list of error pages in your Google webmaster tool. Now it’s time to get rid of these error.

Two best solutions for 404-errros are:

1. Making a 301 redirect for the not found pages. You can redirect the page to the similar content URL. If you do not have a similar page, you can redirect it the home page, main domain URL.

2. Another way is to create a valid 404 error page in the website and shows a search box for the user to search the keyword in existing web pages. Also, you can show related posts links for helping out the user.

Other ways:

1. In Google webmaster tool you can simply resubmit the website XML sitemap which contains only existing pages URLs. Also, get re-indexing the URL and delete all not found pages manually.

2. If you are not much serious about website user experience you can leave it on Google as Google search engine re-indexing the websites in a limited time interval.

If you face any problem related to 404 error- not found, please do not forget to leave your comment below. Also, you can give us your suggestions to improve the article on your experience based. Let share the experience and helping out other.


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