SEO Vocabulary

Search engine optimization –

the most significant and corporate factor about internet business. This is the process to get noticed with all major search engines and force them to give the as much attention as you deserve so that more and more targeted users, consumers and visitors can hunt your website information.

A profitable SEO certify that the particular website or subpages are accessible to the public and resourceful. Search engine optimization helps your website to get a higher rank on same concepts websites to ensure the visitors with exact keyword related information they used in searching.

301 redirections – are entitled as permanent redirection of the particular page through ht-access. It is done to tell the search engines and web crawler that the particular page has moved on newly addressed web URL. It I usually did by the ht-access redirection method on apache server.


Adwards- This is Google Monetize company which offers advertisement programme to publishers. It is opposite of Google Adsense. In Adwards, the ads program work on the pay-per-click algorithm. Users visit the publisher website and see the ads. Visitor clicks on the ads and gets a redirect on advertiser website. For this action, the publisher earns money through Google Adsense.

Algorithm – a complete guide for search engines to plot the search queries which bind all accurate pages related to that. When a user makes any search query on any search engine, a specific accurate path followed by them to give accurate results to the user.

Alt text – It is called an alternate path or title for the SEO graphics to make them SEO friendly on search engines. Usually, it tells about the real identity of that graphic in case definite graphic does not load on time. As graphics does take more time in loading then the text and of course it can harmful if website server not gets success in delivering the graphic. Therefore, search engine prefers those graphics more seriously who hold the alt attribute value. Also, it helps the users to identify the real meaning of graphic too.

Analytics – It is not enough to create a website and leave it. To observe and make an equal eye on visitor’s assignation with the website content is also important. All popular search engines announce their analytic code to measure the website traffic regularly with all other parameters like visitor’s interest, search queries, links, outbound links and ads program clicks etc. Google Analytic the most useful and effect analytic program.

Anchor text – This is the frontend text which a user can see as a link. In a “href “anchor text has an important role which tells users the actual meaning of the link where and why he gets to redirect on next page. Also, it helps the search engines to index the internal and external link on the basis of anchor text to categories them.

Authority – the second form of trust on a website on Internet. As SEO of a website defines in many different forms as a website should have full user’s trust who follow its content, website authority is most important factor. It is counting on the basis of link juice related to content specify keywords and graphics of the website. Any website which has more incoming links from other trusted websites on internet and traffic through direct quries count as high authority website.