How to stop unnecessary thoughts and feelings?

Every person has some memories in the world. Either they are positive or negative. But there is a common problem of all of us that we easily forget good things but not the negative thoughts and moments. We want to come out of them at a button click but become helpless most of the times. Sometimes we start finding out the moral support in outside world and act as a victim to the situations. But this over-thinking process increase day by day. So here is time to go to next the level.

Reason behind the frustration:

The emotional pain stays longer. Fears related to it get in action, some times become bigger and bigger. The past moments force us to recall these things again and again.

The more you want to forget it, more it comes in your mind. If the memory is in outside world it can be forget able but when it is inside you, you cant go beyond it until and unless you face it. And when you decide to face it, often It becomes a hill of excuses. Then frustration arise in your daily routine work, you social life and your inner soul too.

Keep mind busy is not the solution:

This is universal law that more you ignore your problems and negative things, more you get indulge in them. If you walk away from them and will keep your mind in some other task, then may be it can effect your task too.

The memories stays in you, are the realities of your life. You cant through them out as if that, you will become a empty person. Confused!

If we want to just through only bad memories and keep good ones then it does not make any sense.

Your feelings, your emotions, your senses all are inter connected to you. You are nothing without your memories. If you through them all or just positive one or negative one, you will become senseless.

Let’s face and get into deeply:

Now the possible way is to fight with your fear, your negative thoughts, your negative moods and instincts. Let’s get in to the depth a little.

All is the game of understanding.When you see something from your eyes then what impact you get immediately.

For example if you see a toilet or a temple at the same time, then will you get confused in negative or positive something.

Or you will just take both words with their real world scenario. It just related to your understanding.

Train your Brain:

Let’s go to the basic concept of our body. When we see something or hear something, a image get portrait in our mind. In mind there are a lot of memories already present which gives a simple understanding of that scene. Then according to that it is very normal process. But due to our demands, our wishes, our dreams we categories them in negative and positive ways. And fears get into the picture which slowly took 100% space in our mind.

So if we just skip the last step from this which is the categorization, It becomes easy to handle the things with just understanding.

The more you understand the real cause of that , more you will get sharp vision for that.

Try to avoid the laws, rules and principles of world on these internal thoughts.

Here are some more useful tips you can follow for such circumstances.

1. Make a simple understanding of situation without mixing it with own your fears, wish-list or demands.

2. Keep mind calm as nothing is permanent.

3. Do not act as a victim every time. No one can understand your mind better then you.

4. Try to become more optimistic then the positive attitude.

5. Do not run away from you thoughts as they are inside you. The more you run, more they will follow you.

6. Do not try to act as hero every-time when it comes to face the problems. Sometimes going back and becoming a silent audience is good.

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