Top high paying affiliate network list

Affiliate marketing list


Affiliate marketing has become an essential part of revenue for any growth able market. It has good and bad effects of the international market. Though before Affiliate marketing symbolizes to the world, the market and sale were slow in comparison to the modern age. Affiliates works in many ways but is profitable in average.

For example, if a popular store offers a healthy affiliate program and the publisher gets to sign up for that, he must have to publicize the affiliate ads and links to the community. Sometimes, the user just sees the ads and it make the high impact on his mind. He may avoid clicking the ads at that time but the positive impact forces him to come back on the product website in future time. This way the store gains free promotion without paying the sales commission to the publishers.

This is the “no cost gain popularity for the brand method “known as Affiliate network. Still It has many outstanding outcomes and earning to publishers too. So hunting for the reliable and best affiliate network never ends all the way.

We present you a complete list of most effective high paying affiliate network list below:

1. Affiliate Window

affiliate window

Affiliate Window is the finest place to put your affiliate marketing involvement in very confident direction. Expertise used by the network no doubt very modern and user-friendly. It has a good user support system to help the advertisers and publishers in the very expressway. They have a large account management team who takes care of every issue and inquiry very intensely.

Affiliate Window provide the live product feed service which very demanded this time.


1. Affiliate marketing
2. Lead generation
3. Cross-device tracking
4. Brand protection
5. Mobile solution
6. Product data feeds
7. Call tracking

2. Commission factory

commission factory

Commission factory is a simple Affiliate network which is very much cooperative to the advertisers and publishers in an equal way. It is the very transparent medium of affiliates and the agencies who binds together for fruitful grades. It has many features listed below though some special feature is it is the mobile responsible network. Which means you can operate your affiliate network just through your mobile app. If you are moving towards the new generation of mobile app and their usage it is best to affiliate network for you.


1. Real time reporting
2. Weekly payments
3. Accurate tracking
4. Full transparency with control

3. Flipkart Affiliate program

Flipkart is a global shopping network but in India, It has a special presence in the market. I myself using this affiliate program and it is good in working. This is absolutely free to join the FlipKart and making money by promoting their products and promotional campaigns to the community. Commissions vary from product category to the sale of the products. You can simply check the latest commission percentage on below URL. If you having a personal e-commerce plate from like me you can have a great part ship with FlipKart for a long time.

Features: 1. FlipKart APP installation affiliate program with high commission

  1. Having best affiliate tools like bookmarklet widgets, promotional widgets, deep product links, promotional offers banners etc.
  2. The best part is FlipKart provide API and their usage. You can use them direct on your affiliate store.
  3. You can download promotional offers and products feed in bulk from FliKart affiliate corner.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Drive traffic to Flipkart by promoting links on your website, blog or app

4. Amazon Associates program

Affiliate network is the area where the advertisers and publishers come together for earning profit from each other. As we know Amazon is fastest growing shopping network to all over the world, joining Amazon is not only a profitable commitment but also an opportunity to be a part of popular community

1. Jon for free
2. Promote Amazon on personal blog, website or APP
3 Earn up to 10% commission

5. Ebay enterprise

ebay enterprize

Ebay Affiliate network -the most performance-based affiliate network. Higher is the performance more you can earn from the affiliate in term of commissions.  Ebay is a circle of 20 thousand active publishers, around 80 thousand advertisers and organizations in 50 + countries.  You can start making money by promoting eBay products and affiliate ads on your blog, website or mobile app.

Become a publisher now:

Know more about eBay Affiliate program:

The biggest affiliate program for making online money with best strategic planning and deliver the best pay per performance commission.

6. Commission junction


When you think to join CJ for affiliate earning, chances to succeed get higher. As CJ (Commission junction) is the father of Affiliate marketing which works on the global platform. It is the best online marketing solution for advertisers who just want a boost in their sales. CJ work on cookie-based technology which generally used by the browsers to store visitor information its interest by tracking searching and visiting web pages.

I myself having an account on CJ for having a Go daddy partnership and it work absolutely perfect for me. CJ has large numbers of global affiliate program come together on a single platform. You just need one single account with CJ and all is done. Go for it today to earn more money from your website, blog or niche.

Commission junction Features:

1. Top brand advertisers
2. Best tracking and payments
3. Best tools for reporting
4. Lead generation
5. Pay Per call
6. Publisher Toolbox
7. Deep Link Generator
8. Real-time Transaction Monitoring
9. CJ Product Widgets
10. Deep Link Automation

7. AvantLink

Avantlink affiliate

An advance experience in Affiliate marketing field, a higher valued and serious vendor and promoters. It holds the large product offering advertisers who are more dedicated for serious promises. Having a quick response support system for publishers and advertisers. It offers something beyond the banners ads.


1. Product Level tools
2. Robust reporting
3. Very powerful API
4. Dynamic deals
5. Affiliate link encoder
6. Custom tracking

8. Rakuten marketplace

link share affiliate marketing

If you are looking for a long-term and gainful enterprise, then go for it. A global network of money making techniques in the form of affiliate promotions and banners ads. An account manager support for every publisher and advertiser account holder which guides you to meet your best experience in Affiliate marketing. Best tools turn your way of using the platform in easy practice.


1. Best Affiliate marketing network
2.Innovative Display advertising
3. Paid search option
4. Best Campaign Strategy & Forecasting
5. Competitive Intelligence Reporting
6. Comprehensive Keyword Research
7. ROI & Budget Monitoring

9. ShareAsale


ShareaSale is more than 16 years affiliate platform having around 3900 + merchants.  They know as high-speed network, efficient and accurate platform in the industry. They are very honest in their applications approving policies and giving best revenue to the publishers.


1. On time payments
2. large number of advertisers
3. Responsive support

10. ClickBank


Click Bank is 17 years old network serving around 20 million customers all over the world. A best digital platform for all bloggers and website owners to make money online from the Affiliate marketing. A well build reputation in the marketplace in terms of paying commission on time, well-tracked reports system and fear free life.


1. Earn up to 75% commission
2. Custom product option for using in web page
3. Get payments on time
4. Recurring commissions method
5. Advance analytic options


Best Hosting Affiliate networks:

11. i-page

12. Godaddy

13. Bluehost

14. Hostgator

15. Wp engine

16. Dreamhost

17. SiteGround


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